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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cool Things at CCAMS

Good Afternoon,

This week I'm going to talk about some neat things that are taking place at our middle school. It's so much fun to watch kids that are engaged and passionate about what they are doing.

STEM After School Programs
This year we are continuing our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs after school. Mrs. DeAnna Kellenberger is our coordinator for these programs. The programs include clubs for Simulation City, Chess, Lego Robotics and Gadgets, Future Cities Competition and First Lego League Competition. The letter explaining the STEM program can be found here.

Google Accounts
This week our students have been given access to their Google accounts. The students have access to their accounts anywhere they can connect to the web. However the accounts are managed by the Clear Creek Amana CSD Domain.

Although we are just starting this process we are already seeing some new ways of learning transpiring. For example, this week our students started using Google Documents. Google Documents allow students and staff the ability to share documents. This is just one application but we are already seeing our students and staff collaborate in a new way. Some students are logging onto their account at home and are continuing the learning and collaboration with other students after school hours.

Some of the applications that we hope to have our students access are; Blogger, Calendar, Groups, and SketchUp. To learn more about the Google Applications, click here. here.

Student Council Healthy Snacks
So it's 3:17 and the bell rings for the day and school is out. The only problem is that about 150 of our students regularly stay after school for athletic practices, clubs, etc and they are HUNGRY! We do not have any snack or drink machines in our school. We are also doing our best to follow the Iowa Healthy Kids Act.

So our student council has decided to sell healthy snacks after school. The snacks will mainly be fruits, veggies, and maybe some other healthy packaged products. They will also likely offer white milk, water and some fruit juices. We hope to keep the cost of the snacks to 50 cents or less. The snacks will be on sale from dismissal time until 3:35. We will start this new program on Monday, September 20th. If you would like to learn more about the Iowa Healthy Kids Act click here.

Homecoming and School Spirit
Next week will be Homecoming Week for the Clear Creek Amana CSD. This year we are really encouraging our kids to get involved and take pride in our school and support our teams. We have set aside special themes for each day of the week. The theme days are outlined below:

Monday- Sports Day
Tuesday-Twin Day
Wednesday- Wacky Wednesday
Thursday-Students Dress Like a Teacher, Teachers Dress Like Students
Friday-Spirit Day (Dress in Blue and White)

Other homecoming events for next week can be found here.

Have a great weekend,

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