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Friday, September 10, 2010

"A Short GREAT Week!"

Hello all,

We had an EXCELLENT four day week! I can't tell you enough how proud I am of our middle school students. We have a great group of young people to work with.

Student Council
On Tuesday of this week 8th grade students running for student council secretary, vice president, and president gave speeches to our student body. There were 13 students that ran for an elected office this year. All candidates did a super job. After the speeches I told the student body that I would be happy to have any of the candidates represent CCA.

In the end, Lexi Kinnaird was voted secretary, McKenzie Fuller was elected vice-president, and Lauren Stopko was chosen as the 2010.2011 Clear Creek Amana Middle School Student Body President. Congratulations to Lexi, McKenzie, and Lauren on being elected. I look forward to your leadership.

We had a busy athletic schedule this last week as our football, volleyball, and cross country teams were all in action. We also had a lot of success! Great job to our coaches and athletes.

It's important to remember that athletics are a marathon, not a sprint. What I mean by this is that in junior high our teams are just forming and learning. The act of building a team is a process and it's important that we all understand this. I could give you many examples of junior high athletes that were not very coordinated or talented in 7th and 8th grade that became tremendous athletes in high school. It's a process!

It's my hope that our athletes all get quality participation time and feel that they are a valuable member or our teams. If our athletes work hard and improve each year the winning will come in high school. We all need to stress the importance of being a good and supportive teammate. Remember, there is no I in TEAM!

As you are aware we have added about 135 new computers in our middle school this year. Having 100+ wireless laptops has put some stress on our system. We have definitely had some issues the first four weeks supporting our technology issues. We are all working hard to improve our system. I'm hopeful that very soon things will be operating better.

With that being said we have been in the process of completing our fall MAP tests. Again technology has thrown us some curves but overall our teachers and students have been very patient. I can promise everyone that this will improve.

Kent Park
Over the next several weeks our 6th, 7th and 8th graders will be going on field trips to Kent Park. This is a great day of learning. The dates and activities are listed below. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Mr. Jody Bandy.

6th grade, October 15th
prairie plant ecology, prairie restoration, prairie surveying, thicket games, Iowa reptiles

7th grade, September 24th
shelter building, survival, archery, service project, orienteering, fishing

8th grade, September 17th
water and boat safety, seed gathering, wetland diversity, canoeing, Iowa fish and fishing, swimming

Have a great weekend and GO CLIPPERS!

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