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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Student Future City Article

Article Submitted Respectfully By, Gabrielle Scarpa, Clear Creek Amana 8th Grader

This year I participated in the Future City Competition for the second time. This competition focuses on science and engineering to help teams in seventh and eighth grade, from all over the United States, to design their own "future city". My teammates Anna Johnson and Allison O'Keefe participated in this competition the year before, but we didn't make it very far. When we decided to do it again this year we spent endless hours at each others' houses, working on the mandatory presentation, abstract, essay, Sim City 4 file, and model. Once regionals came, we were amazed when we got into the top 5, but completely blown away when it was announced that our team had gotten first place and were heading off to the nationals in Washington D.C. . This competition between 38 other teams from across the counrty turned out to be one of the most exciting experiences of our lives and we ended up taking seventh place in the country, with the second best presentation and third best model.
Overall, the future city competition turned out to be one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. Even though I wanted to quit at points, our team's hard work really ended up paying off in the end. I would recommend this competition to anyone with and interest in science or engineering, and who is willing to sacrifice time.
The opportunities that this event has opened up for us are endless.

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  1. WAY TO GO GIRLS!! You make us all proud!!! Best of all what a great experience for you! I hope this will inspire my daughter to be involved next year in 7th grade and others! Your story reminds me of the movie "October Sky" about the true story of the boys that built the rockets for science projects and ended up going to the National finals. If you haven't seen that movie, you might really enjoy it. Anyway - Big CONGRATS! You guys are awesome!

    - John Carlson