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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What are you passionate about?


Last month when we had Personal Learning Plan meetings one of the questions asked of our students was, "What are you passionate about?" I really like that question. I think helping our students to find out what they are passionate about is a very important job. Having activities that we are passionate about are what, in my opinion, make life interesting.

So throughout the year we have been continuing to talk to our kids about their passions. In fact, the kids were asked to make a Prezi about what they are passionate about. If you haven't seen your child's Prezi yet, please ask to see it. To find out more information about what a Prezi is, click here.

Our librarian, Mrs. Cooper, has taken the passion focus a step further. In fact she has been scheduling adults to share their passions with students during lunch. So far she has arranged three different guest speakers.

I spoke first about my passion for the game of golf. It was really fun to share an interest that I have had for many years. The kids were very interested in the game and I also brought in my golf clubs so they could see them.

Our second guest speaker was Ms. Nicole Gregus. Ms. Gregus is our new art teacher. She is not only a wonderful young teacher but she also is an accomplished artist. Ms. Gregus shared her art work with the students and also demonstrated her talents.

Yesterday we had our third speaker, Mr. Andrew Schulze. Mr. Schulze is currently a practicum student in Mrs. Harken's 7th grade science class. Mr. Schulze is also a member of the Iowa Hawkeye Football Team. Mr. Schulze shared a lot of neat information about his time as a Hawkeye and he brought in some football helmets and jerseys to show the kids. The kids were super excited to hear about his career.

Mrs. Cooper will continue to invite guest speakers in to talk to the students about their passions. If you are interested in sharing a passion, please contact Mrs. Cooper by email at

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  1. This is a great way to get students fired up and know that school is a place where they can share their passions, even if they aren't academics-related! Keep up the great work at CCA!