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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update, Week of March 8, 2010

Monday- It looks like we are in for a pretty good week with the weather this week. It's great to see the snow slowly disappear. This afternoon the administrators in our district will visit several middle school classrooms. As an administrative team we try and visit at least one school each week and visit classrooms.

We have a couple of upcoming events this week. On Tuesday our 8th grade students will participate in a Financial Literacy Fair in Coralville. This event will be held at the Coralville Public Library. We participated in this event last year in the first year the fair was held. The fair is sponsored by the Work Place Learning Connection. This is a great learning activity for our 8th graders.

Tuesday evening we will have a middle school band concert in our auditorium. Our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands and jazz band will perform. The bands are under the direction of Mr. Dan Davies.

I'm sorry that I forgot to mention earlier that we have a much anticipated drama production on Friday night this week. The production, under the direction of Ms. Jess Sauer, will begin at 7 PM in our middle school auditorium. The production this year is "Cinderella in New York."

Tuesday- Sometimes it seems like the day goes too fast!! That was the case today. I tried to get some office work done today. This work was mainly focused on working on writing a grant. We are trying to secure some $ for technology. Grant writing isn't a lot of fun but securing funding for great things for our kids is worthwhile!

Yesterday I had the chance to visit a couple of classes for about 30 minutes each. I got to observe Mr. Tibbetts and Mr. Morris teach 6th grade PE. I was impressed with the amount of activity within this class. They are definitely focusing on helping our students become more physically fit.

I also had the chance to observe Mrs. Burgher's 7th grade Life Skills class. The topic of this class was teaching the students how to sew using a sewing machine. Again, it was interesting to watch our young people learn this skill.

This afternoon after school I went down and watched a little bit of the drama practice. I'm excited to see the show on Friday night. It looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Don't forget, tonight we have a middle school band concert at 7 PM in our auditorium. I hope to see many of you there.

Wednesday- Great band concert last night! I always enjoy hearing our kids play! It's really unbelievable when you see the improvement in band from 5th grade on.

Our teachers spent professional development time this afternoon working on updating their instructional plans.

Thursday- This morning I had the opportunity to attend a technology fair at Grant Wood AEA. It was good to learn about some new forms of technology that are being used in schools. It was also nice to connect with some other area administrators and technology coordinators. I attended a very informative session on Dell Netbook Computers. The netbooks are small laptop computers. Hopefully we will be able to add a significant number of netbooks to our school next year for student use.

This afternoon was the last practice for our drama production before the big show tomorrow night. Please come out and watch the "Cinderella in New York" tomorrow night beginning at 7 PM in our auditorium.

If you did not receive student copies of Trimester 2 report card, ITBS results, and Personal Learning Plan paperwork, please contact me.

Friday- It's been a busy Friday! I'm hoping that the kids remember that we do have two more days of school next week! I think a few of them are in Spring Break mode already...

Don't forget, big event tonight in our middle school! Tonight is the night for our middle school drama production of, "Cinderella in New York." The play will be held in our middle school auditorium. It should be fun!

Just another reminder we do have school next Monday and Tuesday. We will be on break next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

As the weather improves we will be transitioning to the start of track season. We had the track sign up this week and we will begin track on Monday, March 22nd. Coaches for girl's track are Mr. Brice Morris, Ms. Kim Meller, and Mr. Steve Carey. The boy's coaches are Mr. Shane Rosenberg and Mr. Eric Glanz. All coaches are teachers at CCA. It should be a fun season!

Have a great weekend!


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