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Monday, March 29, 2010

Update, Week of March 29, 2010

Monday- Welcome to the last week of March! What a beautiful week of weather ahead. Tuesday night this week we will have an elementary concert taking place in our auditorium. On Wednesday night this week we have school board meeting beginning at 7 PM in our high school library.

Just a friendly reminder that we have snow make-up days on Friday (April 2nd) of this week and Monday (April 5th) of next week.

Tuesday- Another very nice day weather wise! It is a little windy but so warm... Tonight we will have an elementary band/vocal concert in our auditorium. Hopefully all will go well.

Wednesday- Today we have a shortened day as our teachers will be participating in professional development activities this afternoon. The teachers focus will continue to be on evaluating student writing samples using a common rubric.

This morning I had the opportunity for short classroom visits in the following classrooms; Mrs. Huch (6th grade literacy), Ms. Struzynski (6th grade math), Mrs. Harken (7th grade science), Mrs. Willis (8th grade math- had a substitute today), and Ms. Ealy (8th grade social studies). Although I was only able to spend a few minutes in each classroom, it's always nice to visit!

Sometimes on Wednesday's I help serve lunch in the cafeteria, and that is my plan today. I like to do this for several reasons. For one, it really gives me a good feel for what our cooks do each day. I must say, their work isn't easy.

Secondly, I really like the fact that I get to see and speak to virtually every kid in our school. That's always a good thing. This time of year when we are trying to finalize budgets and staffing for next year I find myself spending a lot of time working in my office or in meetings. Being in the lunch room reminds me why we are all really here, for the kids. So I'm looking forward to lunch today!

As you may know our students meet with their advisers the last 25 minutes each Wednesday afternoon. I have my own group of 18 students that I meet with during this time. We normally have some sort of activity such as; goal setting, trivia contest, class discussion, etc. We also frequently review the students current grades on Power School. Today we will review grades and the students will have a short quiz that they will complete in teams of three. It should be fun.

After the students have left this afternoon I hope to help our 8th grade teachers evaluate the students writing pieces using the rubric. I helped some with this last week. It's fun to read what the kids have written about. We do have some very talented writers!

We have a school board meeting tonight. The meeting will begin at 6 PM and will be held in our high school library. Golf will have to wait for another day...

Thursday- Today we had another solid day of learning at CCA Middle School! I had the chance to visit a couple of classrooms this morning. This afternoon I was off to a meeting.

Friday- It has been a very BUSY day around the middle school today. As I am writing this it has started to rain. As of 3:00, track practice for the girl's track team has been canceled. The boy's will have practice inside.

As the weather gets nicer I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the expectations we have for our students, in terms of dress. Below is an excerpt from our student handbook:

Clothing that advertises alcohol or tobacco products should not be worn at school. Children may not wear clothing that has profanity or any type of indecent, inappropriate, or suggestive printing on it. Clothing that reveals undergarments or is excessively revealing of the body should not be worn to school. School district policy gives the principal discretion in this matter.

This time of year our concern is that our students wear clothes that are appropriate for school. When students wear clothes that are distracting to others we will ask them to make a change. Thanks for your support!

Have a great weekend!


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